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Hi Folks;

As you may have noticed, we've been taking a break on sigikki.com for the holiday season. We'll be back soon to our regular updating schedule, and we hope that you're looking forward to a new batch of manga goodness for 2010.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!


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You aren't telling us resume date?

Ah, I'll cancel the search party, then.

Thanks for finally posting about the delay, but it would have been nice of you to jot down those 3 sentences back in DEC 2009 or even by JAN 7, 2010. Ikki has now been on a nearly a four week break. I really liked how well you guys were running your updates, before this seasonal break.

Hopefully now your all back to work and we, fans will see some new manga real soon. Like, maybe this week!!!

Yes, I don't want to get too surly because I love you to death, but it would have been nice to get a bit of warning about the break.

Ah thats ok...figured that was what the deal was. Take your time...

Oh I was wondering when Afterschool Charisma would be updated

When are you back? I'm dying for the next episode of Afterschool Charisma!

Hey guys;

Thanks for you comments. (Yep, Inkwell, you can call off the St. Bernards. Although we'll take the flasks >:).)

We don't have a firm date yet for the resumption of the serials, but: 1) it will be soon, and 2) we'll let you know as as soon as we do. We're not trying to be coy here, but I'd rather wait and give you accurate information instead of guesswork.

Again, thanks so much for your support, and rest assured: we'll have plenty of online goodies for you as soon as humanly possible.


When? WHEN!?
Must read more Dorohedoro, Saturn Apartments... Need conclusion to Children of The Sea. When? Tomorrow? Will you give it your all tomorrow? And the turtle!
...is he still a turtle...?


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